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Depending on your industry and audience desired, your social media plan must consider placing efforts in the right amounts and into the right social media platform.

Knowing what is trending helps you find ways to reach your target by associating or adding to the trending information and using your products or services to show up on the trend. I.e. if a hurricane is coming and you sell window shutters, then updating or posting information pertaining to the incoming threat will enable you better chance of views and thus sales possibilities

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TriDragonfly’s Social Media Team creates the processes to better serve your social media needs.  From learning your product/services to developing the brand’s love, we prepare and respond to your social media needs effectively.

Responding and interacting is crucial.  Quickly attending to questions, request for services or quotes requires speed and constant management and presence.  We can tailor a plan that works along your in-house team or act as part of your permanent team by activating working hours dedicated to your social media response needs.

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We are eager to deliver… and constantly updating our knowledge with the changes, updates and conditionals that make social media effective for a company, we are able to deliver on the promise of top-performance.


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Set your goals and lets us help you achieve them.  Brand loyalty, product sales, news product/services, etc, there are many reason and many ways to make social media work for you.

“The advantage of our age is to have social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Snapchat, Nextdoor, Alignable and more. It has created an easy way to interact with our communities in a local, national or global scale.  Ideas and results flourish in a connected environment”

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